In bruges

December 27, 2008 at 2:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Hard, it is these days, to find a movie which compels you to slog away on the keyboard. I was really skeptical of watching “In Bruges” which had been lying on my laptop for quite some time. Never been a big fan of movies about cities since they tend to be a tourist brochure of the city more often than not. I have always felt that a good city movie is one which uses the city as a sub plot because it lends both credibility and pace to the movie. Otherwise such movies just drag along.

In Bruges the debutant director, Martin McDonagh, brings his theatrical expertise to the fore and does what every director should be doing – telling a story through this medium and telling it beautifully. In Bruges starts off as two hitmen have been bundled off to the nondescript town Bruges in Belgium (it was on my itinerary, so don’t know how nondescript it really is).

The initial part where one of the hitmen, Ken keeps on riveting about the town and Ray (Colin Farrell in a stupendous performance) keeps on describing the town as a shithole is a bit sluggish but the pace picks up in the middle of first half and keeps on accelerating right up to the climatic end.

The best part is Ray’s interaction with the dwarf Jimmy. Again I have to mention the acting because it really keeps the film together. There is also this subtle back humor which is actually a character in itself. And at no times is it the slapstick humor which seems to be the order of the day these days in Hollywood, nor is it British black humor which is funny to exactly 219 people in the world.

The climax takes you through the breathtaking scenes in Bruges and so aptly the bell tower in Bruges forms the backdrop for this scene. It really has been a long time since I enjoyed a movie so much. There is almost everything you look for in a movie- good cinematography, nice locations, romance, action et al. It doesn’t go overboard on Belgian waffles, beer or Tintin for that matter. There are jokes planted on the Belgian film industry as well.

You like your Belgian beer and waffles, go watch this movie. You don’t, still go watch the movie. It is that good.

Rating : A gem

Genre: Action, Crime

In Bruges

In Bruges


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  1. birinder tiwana said,

    Real gem. The medieval European structures are awesome. The best part of the movie are the ethics and feelings of affection among professional killers.

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