Barbers/Barbarians at the gate

September 23, 2008 at 6:13 am (Uncategorized)

There are certain movies which no matter, directed by whom, enacted by whichever cast turn out to be entertaining. For, it is the story which is carrying the entire movie on its shoulders. Barbarians at the gate is one such movie. No matter if you read the story in a novel (the movie is adapted from one) or on page3 of Financial Times (this kinda story deserves a place only on page 3) or in Reader’s digest it is bound to catch your attention.

Now the issue behind this movie was actually given to me as a case study in my MBA class. And let me put it this way the event went on to change Wall street landscape for ever ( much before sub prime became part of our vocabulary).

I dont have much to say about the movie. It is well, how do I put this, OKish. No standout performances, no new filming techniques. The script is crisp and sweet so you don’t lose the grip of the plot. There are a few gem of dialogues thrown in (Ballpark anyone?) which somehow didnt make it to the top 100 quotes list.

Go watch this movie only if you are too lazy to solve a case study and don’t care about your marks only about your knowledge.

Go watch it with: your MBA class

Go watch it for : a business lesson

Rating; Yawwnnnnnnnn

Genre: Drama, Business

Barbarians at the gate

Barbarians at the gate


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