Be cool (instead of dishing out mindless crap)

September 9, 2008 at 11:33 am (Uncategorized)

If you don’t want a R rating for your movie, you can use the F-word only once. You know what I say, I say fuck that.

After such a gem of a dialogue, be cool just whittles away. and you realize why John Travolta’s career is in a mess these days. The opening scene shows one character narrating an idea for a movie and then getting shot. The rest of the movie is all about how his idea actually comes to fruition. The basic essence of the movie is attempt after attempt on Travolta’s life.

There is a problem with this movie. It is so placid that it hardly evokes any emotions. Not even angry emotions. As a critic you just want this shit to get over and movies like these make you hate your job.

John poaches a singer from another manager and moves into the music industry (besides escaping the assassination attempts) to try and produce a record. Problem – the singer is still under contract with another gangster and John doesn’t have the money. So starts the old game of play one gangster against the other- blacks v/s russians. And organize a concert from Aerosmith and Steve Tyler to raise the money in the meanwhile.

The movie follows the downfall of each of these unscrupulous enemies of Chili who actually end up bumping each other off. The first half sucks and the second half sucks and blows at the same time (Never thought it is physically possible)

The movie makes fun of itself over the course For eg. Travolta laments about how was he ever made to accept a role in a sequel(Be cool is a sequel to Get Shorty). It needn’t have done this. All critics would have had a field day ripping this off. The movie doesn’t have its heart at the right place. Wait, it doesn’t even have a heart.

Uma Thurman is smoking hot. Dwayne Johnson should go back to the wrestling ring. Vaughn is hilarious in his role. The rest are all there and not yet there. Danny de vito who is also a prdoucer for the movie makes a cameo appearance. But the biggest loser from this movie has to be John Travolta. A similar role he reprised in Pulp fiction with such great elan has ZERO screen power in this movie.

The plot is horrendous to say the least. A few cheap laughs inserted here and there are good. The brother in law of sella (daboo) is seriously hilarious.

During the movie, John is asked who might be trying to kill him. He replies that he is in the music business, it could be anybody. Man, if I had a gun it would’ve definitely been me.

Genre: Crime, Comedy
Rating: Give me two hours of my life back

Go watch it with : A dead corpse

Go watch it for : A cure to insomnia

Be Cool

Be Cool


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