Snooze On!!!

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How are you supposed to write a review about a movie which lulled you into sleep not once but twice. Bland = Rock on. My friends in IIT with their passion about music are going to kill me after reading this review. You don’t/won’t/can’t understand music and the emotions attached with it. Similar to what I heard about Goal (just replace music with football)
That my friends is the basic flaw of the movie. A movie shouldn’t appeal to a miniscule minority and that is what Rock on does. The basic essence of following your dreams and not giving into herd mentality is not carried across fully by the movie. To be fair the movie does try to be original and not just a scene by scene rip off of Tom Hanks’ That thing you do. The story of disbanding of a rock band and their attempts to regroup fluctuates between the past and the present sometimes too discoherently.

My problem with this movie is that it doesn’t even do justice to the genre of rock music. The lead members have to have bad hair days to qualify for the stereotype look. and the music. well believe me it is hummable and Farhan Akhtar actually surprised me with his pleothra of talent. but rock music. come on. britney spears would’ve been proud singing these songs.

Any good things to write home about. well the direction isn’t too bad and the script tries to delve into the dirty world of Indian music industry. Anu Malik compliments another music director saying what a wonderful “original’ composition. Did he even realize that the dialogue was self-deprecating

The emotional quotient (EQ) of the movie would definitely appeal to a young generation but the intelligent quotient (IQ) of the movie is missing.The story could’ve done with some serious thinking. Farhan Akhtar with his 3 emotions throughout the movie at best is passable. Arjun Rampal seems to be finally improving in the acting department. Luke Kenny (and the other guy) with their weird hairdos play the stereotypical band members.

Well the movie is very low on the entertainment Quotient as well ( ENQ). No hilarity, wit or action. and with the script lacking punch you are bound to snooze at times. The songs might just awaken you but that’s all you can look forward to.

If you have nothing else to do for three hours, go watch this movie. But if sorting your colored socks from the white socks needs to be done, go do that. You would’ve spent your time way better.

Genre: Music, Drama

Rating: Nightmarish

Go watch it with your : better half, band members

Go watch it for: Ummm lemme think, wait there has to be something, ahh the songs probably and arjun rampal in his north eastern facial hair style

The weirdos from Rock On

The weirdos from Rock On



  1. umesh said,

    Rock on stage shows,lights,emotions on stage are taken from well known rock bands..well i did not feel any originality in these too.

  2. almostinfamous said,

    my biggest gripe is: what happened to prachi desai in the second half? did ekta kapoor kidnap her from the sets or something?

    but i didn’t think it was AS bad. sadly, this maybe because my standards are permanently lowered from watching so many telugu movies.

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