Bachna ae Deluded Beauties

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The peaks of Switzerland, lavish Punjabi weddings, dance and song sequences at the drop of a topi. Yash Raj tries to recreate its magic of yore after having taken a clobbering at the box office over and over again. The tried and tested formula has new jabronees playing the same characters with a bit of a difference.

The movie is about remorse and reconciliation and as a statutory warning do remember to carry your handkerchiefs and be accompanied by your better half or be in a rowdy group who are there for the three hot chicks. The movie starts in the lush green fields of Switzerland where without being apologetic, the DDLJ thing is given a fresh breath of life. Well due credit to the makers foractually returning to an old geographical location but still coming up with some refreshingly new locales. With picture perfect bodies prancing around in snow covered peaks in minimal clothing, the story begins with our hero (18 years old) boasting about his exploits with a girl to his friends only to turn back and find the girl crying her eyes out. Remorseless, the guy moves to Mumbai with his live-in girlfriend. But the first mention of a commitment has him running out of the arrangement with the wrong shoes.

The first half with its witty anecdotes is a breeze. The hero’s sidekick (a modern day version of the transvestite Bobby) is an energetic addition to the mixture. Wearing funny quote t-shirts, he dishes out phenomenal advice to the hero to find a way out of the escapades. The background music is almost like an extra character. Opening the movie with the title song was a cheap trick which did however have the girls (and the guys) swooning.

Anyways, our hero finds the tables turned on him when the girl he loves refuses to marry him. He figures his present state is a result of his deeds from the past (AAaaaaahhhh our future is safe in the hands of such leaders). But Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (or his husband who knows about her liaison).A wedding sequence, a few songs and 20 Dolce & Gabbana dresses later all is well in paradise as the girls forgive the hero just in time for Cinderella to realize she does need our hero. And they lived (kissed) happily ever after.

After the fare dished out by YRF in the recent past, BAH is a refreshing change. Siddharth Anand has finally reformulated the Yash Raj formula successfully. The star of the movie is definitely Ranbir Kapoor who carries the movie entirely on his shoulders. Minnisha Lamba is cute and cuddly. Bipasha Basu’s legs and cleavage make more of an appearance than her . She plays the second half character of a biyach with elan.However the big disappointment is the hot favourite Deepika Padukone who shone brilliantly in OSO. But when exposed in the movie with long emotional dialogues, she is found wanting. Ms. Padukone it is definitely time to go back to the acting school. The movie drags on a little too long and you almost wish for 2 intermissions. Guess, they could have cut on one song or two. Kunal Kapoor as a Sardar delivers a believable performance. Infact, the entire Amritsar sequence is done in a very non-stereotypical way without cutting down on the entertainment factor(take that, Singh is King)

The lesson is clear. If you are a playa, don’t go out and watch this movie. You are gonna come out depressed. Don’t go with your live in Girlfriend either. She might just ask you to marry her by the end of the movie. Go with your wife/husband and (try to) convince them that you are the best thing that could have happened to them.

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Bachna ae haseeno

Bachna ae haseeno


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  1. Sunil said,

    I havn’t seen d movie bt i am sure it wld be “Yawnnnnn” movie.ur review saved my time. I need a review on ‘Mumbai meri jaan’ too….. 🙂

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