Le demarche

August 23, 2008 at 10:08 am (Uncategorized) (, )

I am not going to start a brand new blog by ruing about how long it has been since I last visited the blogosphere for posting or for reading. Crying over spilled perfume has never been my strong point.

Something which I have been strong at, though, has been criticizing left and right. I don’t even try to hide behind the curtain called constructive criticism but rather, just go flat out. Age has mellowed me down (I am 21, so you can guess how long this criticism streak has been going on). Since childhood, I have always wondered how a product,reduced to putty in my hands, would have come out better. Advertising was the first to have caught my fancy. I have never been a big fan of advertisements made to please the mind. That is not an advertisers’ job. The goal is to make the person rush out after watching the ad to buy the product/service, the key is brand recall. Anyways, I am digressing from my own goal. I shall continue this tirade against advertising in some other blog.

The lure of 70 mm has been intense for me as well. With time I have been drawn away from the theaters to my telly set and now to the comforts of my laptop. My 4 (arguable) year stint in IIT has done wonders for this passion having given me access to some of the best and difficult to catch hold of titles.

I intend this blog to be an unbiased critique of some of the splendors and duds of the cinematic world. The bias might show up in the selection of the movies as I intend to write this blog only about the movies which I haven’t seen so far. Please, expect only a few Bollywood movies to ever show up in this list (not coz I have seen all of them,rather coz I am unlikely to ever see one). Hopefully there would be quite a few international titles showing up.This blog would neither be a text book review, nor as some critics claim, would I be giving the layman’s perspective. Rather, simply put, it would be the way things ought to be (you’ll soon find out what I mean)

Roger Ebert has arguably been the most widely respected movie critic of our times(just ask wikipedia). It would be blasphemy to suggest that I would even come close to attaining those same heights. Satisfying my own thirst for a creative outlet and becoming widely “quoted” shall be my endeavor.


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  1. anonymous said,

    Dude, the big guy is finally back and now you seem to be talking sense as well. hope you live up to your old standards and exceed them

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